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We spend lots of time decorating the inside of our homes, but other then putting up the lights outside have you thought of decorating the outside?  If not, consider bringing it outside with these yard decorating ideas for Christmas.

Decorating Your Yard For Christmastime

Christmas holiday time is a great time to drive around the neighbourhood to look at the enchanting homes.  As you see the decorations you get inspired to get creative and decorate your own yard.

Here are some get ideas for decorating the yard for Christmas:

Of course the tried and true outside decoration is to run Christmas lights around the eaves and sides of your house, and along the outer edges of your windows.  Consider placing a nice wicker basket full of Christmas balls (plastic ones if you have small children) on your front porch.  Take garland and wrap it around or all over your mailbox also.  Of course, if you have a large tree on your front yard you can decorate it with lights, and even add ornaments and garland too.  Life sized Santa or Snowmen add a wonderful touch to your front yard if you have the room.  You can also put up an animated Santa that has a sensor and will sing greetings like “Merry Christmas” as people go by.

Poinsettias on each step next to the railing of your stairs will add great holiday decor on the outside.  See if you can find yourself a large boot belong to Santa and fill it with gifts and place on the front lawn.  Any yard will be light up nicely by a large Merry Christmas sign if you have one.

If there’s not much chance it will be a white Christmas then spray the outside window pans of your home with snow.  A Santa and reindeer would look great on any front lawn, but if you can’t afford the traditional one you could buy or make your own sleigh and then fill it right to the top with empty wrapped presents.  No Christmas scene is complete without the Nativity Scene, be sure to choose a special place for this.

Decorating your yard for Christmas can be lots of fun and a great time to have special family time.  Make a plan, get together and draw up what you need to do and where everything will go on your front yard.  When you’re finished, stand back and admire your hard work and don’t be surprised if a few neighbours slow down to have a look at your decorations, too.

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